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Hi! I'm Lauren

In 1992, my great-grandma published a book. It was a delightful collection of short stories, poems, and other prose she had written over the years. She was so talented, but only put pen to paper for fun, and the topic of her creativity was always the same--her experiences, her reflections, and everything she had learned “Along Life’s Way” (perfect title choice, right?).And great-grandma Leila Ludden Tubbs lived to be 102 years old, so she had a lot to share!


I found a copy of her book during my “now’s the time to organize every drawer in my apartment” phase of COVID-19, and her mission resonated with me. By publishing her experiences, she wasn't just documenting our family's stories--she was sharing valuable life lessons with anyone willing to listen, and she was having fun doing it!

Like great-grandma Leila, I love to write. I'm also on a mission to understand and live life more holistically--what it takes to "feel good" and be fulfilled physically, mentally, environmentally, you get it. So here, you’ll find a bit of everything--from my struggles with acne, to healthy(ish) recipes, to life-changing lessons I still recall from a 14-day African safari years ago. I won't claim to have 102 years of expertise, but I'm ready to learn, share, and connect--and nothing would make me happier than to have you come along on this journey with me!

So for starters--I'm Lauren, I live in Milwaukee with the world's cutest flat-coat retriever (fact, not opinion), and obsess over anything relating to the Milwaukee Bucks.

I'd love to hear from you! Connect with me below (or at alonglifesway22@gmail.com).

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